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Improve your child's spelling!

Improve your child's spelling!

  • Your child will learn new spelling patterns whilst building a rich vocabulary
  • Activities cover a range of core standards for children aged 6 to 12
  • Common Core, National Curriculum & International Baccalaureate aligned
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Night Zookeeper’s Learning Standards for Spelling

  • Children can spell by splitting words up into syllables.

  • Children can proof-read to check for errors in spelling.

  • Children can spell compound words correctly.

  • Children can use a range of spelling rules (e.g. ‘i before e except after c').

  • Children can use and spell frequently occurring irregular plural nouns.

  • Children can spell contracted words correctly and use them within a sentence.

  • Children can use their knowledge of phonics to spell words correctly.

  • Children can spell words with ‘silent’ letters.

  • Children can spell a range of words that share the same prefix or suffix.

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