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By the time children reach Grade 5, they are expected to use a combination of strategies to spell correctly. They should use their knowledge of spelling patterns, word families, position-based spellings, syllable patterns, ending rules, meaningful word parts, and homophones to write and check their spelling. Dictionaries and other reference materials should be used where appropriate.

Here is a list of some examples of Grade 5 spellings and strategies that could be used to spell them.

Spelling Patterns

  • ou words: country, course, outside, shouted, wound,
  • who- words: whoever, whole, whose
  • Silent Letters:

Practice Tip: Challenges on are great for developing children’s confidence and skills in spelling. This activity is all about unscrambling words with silent letters!

Spelling game on Night Zookeeper

Word Families

  • weigh, weight, weighed, weighing, weightless, outweigh, weighty
  • solve, solution, soluble, unsolved, solvable, solvent
  • different, difference, differently, differ, indifferent
adding graph to different words

Position-based Spellings

  • i before e except after c: receive, deceive, conceive
  • y making the /i/ sound in the middle of words: syllable, syrup, rhythm, type, oxygen, crystal

Syllable Patterns

  • Multi-syllable compound words: notebook, sunset, suitcase, teaspoon, newspaper, daytime
  • Consonant-l-e words: jungle, puzzle, possible

Ending Rules

  • -ed: happened, finished, continued, appointed, climbed, decided, agreed, stretched, spoiled, prepared
  • -ing: beginning, interesting, stopping, rising

Meaningful Word Parts


  • re- remove, repay, represent
  • dis-: disappoint,
  • un-:unknown
  • pre-: prepare, prewash, pregame


  • -tion: action, condition, addition, attention, election, equation, intention, protection, information, direction, station
  • -ful: wonderful, thoughtful, graceful,
  • -ly: probably, quickly, quietly, usually, sincerely, rarely, happily, finally, carefully, actually,
  • -ment: enjoyment, amendment, government, instrument, amusement, payment, treatment,
  • -able: replaceable, washable, noticeable, changeable, knowledgeable


  • allowed/aloud
  • capitol/capital
  • ascent/assent
  • descent/dissent
  • isle/aisle

How Night Zookeeper can help

The Night Zookeeper program is a great place for fifth-grade children to improve their spelling skills. There are hundreds of spelling challenges and targeted spelling games that all help children to grow their confidence in this area. We have also developed a list of words that help children work on the specific spelling skills they need at this level. You can download our fifth-grade word lists below.

Age 10-11 word lists

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