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Grammar, at its most basic level, is a set of rules about the types of words we use and what they do. It also tells us how words work together in sentences. Grammar at any grade level, 1 through to 6, can be overwhelming for children as there are many rules to learn, and they tend to come thick and fast. These guides break down the expectations for each grade level, as a way to demonstrate the different layers to grammar learning and to provide a general guide for layering grammatical knowledge with your child over time. The pace at which you work through these levels will depend on your child's own specific needs and abilities.

Our online program,, has many games, challenges and video lessons to help children improve their grammar. The program is adjustable to graded levels of difficulty to personalise your child's learning journey, and lessons can be assigned to keep your child focused where you have specific learning goals for them. The website aims to help children build their overall literacy skills through gamified learning experiences. Spending time working through any of the activities on Night Zookeeper will ensure your child develops their grammar skills and becomes an accomplished, literate student.

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