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Night Zookeeper activities in this area cover a range of core standards. Here are some examples of these learning objectives, which are completely customisable by you upon beginning to use the programme:

  1. I can tell the difference between what is fair and unfair, and what is right and wrong.
  2. I can take part in discussions and explain my opinions on things that are important to me.
  3. I can recognise and respect differences and similarities between people.
  4. I understand that I belong to different communities and know how to contribute to them.
  5. I can follow rules and understand how rules help me and others.
  6. I understand different responsibilities, rights and duties I have within different communities.
  7. I understand the consequences of antisocial and aggressive behaviour (e.g. racism, bullying).
  8. I understand what democracy is and how it works in the UK.
  9. I understand how and why rules and laws are enforced, and why different situations need different rules.
  10. I can resolve differences by looking at alternatives, making decisions and explaining choices.

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