10 awesome ways nightzookeeper.com develops writing skills!


Nightzookeeper.com was designed to inspire a love of writing in children, while at the same time helping to develop their creative thinking skills, as well as genuinely improving the quality of their writing.

Here are ten awesome ways nightzookeeper.com could do this for your students!

1. Creating A Magical Animal

As a Night Zookeeper, one of your students’ most important tasks is create their own animals to live in the Night Zoo! This is the perfect chance for them to use their imaginations and creative writing skills to first, draw their animal, and then to write a report all about it.

They’ll be asked questions to help them write as much as they can about their creation and given writing goals to achieve in their animal report. In the Night Zoo, the more imaginative the animal the better!

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 16.05.03

2. Writing Challenges With “Goals” And “Plans”

Every long writing challenge in nightzookeeper.com gives students “goals” that if they achieve will reward them with points in the game. The goals are age-specific and are there to help students think more deeply about their writing. If they don’t reach their goals they will be able to see where they need to edit their work in order to achieve them! Goals.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 16.35.32

3. Class Blogging

The impact of class blogging can’t be underestimated, especially for more reluctant writers. Nightzookeeper.com provides an exciting class blog where all of the work students produce and the teacher chooses to publish, can be seen.

Our class blogs are easily shareable with parents, and you can connect your blog to other classes in your school or even classes around the world. Students love having an audience, and the motivation this provides them to try and do their very best writing cannot be matched. Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 14.26.00

Peer feedback: Students can leave feedback on other students’ writing, and there is a helpful comment suggestion tool to assist in thinking about how they should comment on other students’ writing. This is a great way to help them improve each others writing skills. Commenting tips

4. Creative Thinking Challenges

We love getting imaginations flowing by asking questions that really make students think differently, such as “Can you draw the ocean without the colour blue?” or “Imagine what a tennis playing frog would look like.”

Nightzookeeper.com is packed full of these kinds of challenges, giving students fun, imaginative topics to express their artistic skills, and creative writing ability with.

Teachers can even choose from a whole collection in our Lesson Library. Creativity challenge

5. Sentence Writing Tasks-Building Vocabulary and Grammar

As students grow their Night Zoo they will start receive mini sentence writing tasks. All of the challenges require students to include the following criteria:

  1. Use a capital letter to open the sentence
  2. Use end punctuation, such as: . ! ? …
  3. Include at least five words with correct spacing.
  4. Include the specific writing goal.

The specific goal might be to use a new word correctly in a sentence, such as the example below, or to rearrange a sentence so it is grammatically correct. All student’s answers are marked automatically and they will be rewarded for meeting all the goals.

These tasks are great at helping students to start building longer sentences, using new vocabulary, and in boosting their general typing skills. They are lot of fun too!

Short writign.png

6. Easy Teacher Feedback

As a teacher you can reward students and provide feedback for them when they complete longer writing assignments. You can give them annotated feedback, or choose from a range of automated comments to send, designed to get students to go back, review, edit, and improve their writing. Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 14.05.10

Nightzookeeper.com’s teacher dashboard makes it really simple to keep on top of all the writing student’s produce, enabling you to quickly give personalised advice to to help them improve. Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 14.02.56

7. Student reports

As students start using nightzookeeper.com, all the writing they produce is analysed in the “view report” section of your teacher dashboard. Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 14.24.30

From here you will easily be able to identify any areas where certain students may be struggling, such as whether they are missing out full stops or paragraphs, not using any adverbs, or even just not writing enough words!

8. Writing Awards

It’s great to reward students for the effort that they make! In nightzookeeper.com, students can win awards for all the different kinds of writing they produce. If they write a poem, they get a “Poetry Award”, or if they write more than 500 words, they get the “500 word” award.

All of these awards give them points to continue growing their zoo, a great way to motivate students not only to write a lot, but also to reward them for attempting different styles of writing. Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 15.33.55

9. Competitions!

We run regular competitions on nightzookeeper.com throughout the whole school year, our biggest being World Creative Writing Month that sees classes around the world competing to write the most words during March.

These can be great motivators for students who might initially be reluctant to start writing, and provide a lot of fun and passion from students. Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 05.55.03

10. Personalised Writing Lessons

From our Lesson Creator tool teachers can create their own writing lessons to send to their students on any topic. They can add a video or word introductions, word banks, and word limits, as well customising the design of the lesson.  Lesson ceator.png

So there it is, ten awesome ways nightzookeeper.com can develop writing skills! If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note below:

Be sure to read our basic teacher guide to help you get started, or if you haven’t already, create your free account now!

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