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Getting Students Started

Tips to help you get your students logged in and using Night Zookeeper quickly and easily.

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Finding and sharing usernames

All students need to log in for the first time is their username. These are listed on your dashboard home screen or go to your Manage Followers page to generate (parent) letters. These letters include one username per page so you can hand out one to each child.

Download & Print Letters

Sending letters home to parents

The letters are also designed to be sent home so parents can follow their child's progress and the child can log in at home too.

Or if you prefer, you can invite parents to follow their child by email via the Manage Followers page (or each child's settings page).

Invite Parents

Child's First Log In

  • Visit
  • Select Child Login and enter username
  • The child will be asked to create a password. There is space to note this down on the printed letters.


Consider adding a nickname for each child so you know which child is using which username. This can be done in various places including the homescreen and each child's settings page.

We recommend just entering a first name and the initial of their surname e.g. Will R. Please do not enter full surnames to protect the child's personal identity.

Nicknames are not visible to other children on Night Zookeeper, only to you and any adult followers (e.g. parents).

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