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"“My child loves NZK and talks about it all the time. We also made a decision to homeschool for now due to the pandemic and my child talks about other children and their creations. It is very positive.”"

parent of a 7 year old

"“I’ve struggled to get my son to write anything more than a few words. He loves NZK and asks to use it every day!”"

parent of a 10 year old

"“I was desperate to find something which was both motivating and challenging. My girl loves the zoo and animal theme and gets really motivated by the storyline and the comments she receives. It is also lovely to hear both my children discussing their progress and the animals they have discovered!”"

parent of a 9 year old
"I have never seen a child more excited to write. He has gone from complaining about writing assignments, to begging to do more of them. This is not an exaggeration. I consider your product to be one of the very best we have used, especially for a reluctant writer.”
Bronwyn, parent of an 8 year old,

""My sons absolutely love it and it has changed my youngest’s attitude toward writing!”"

parent of a 7 & 9 year old

"“I believe Night Zookeeper is a great way to get kids interested in English without even knowing it. My son loves maths and he doesn’t show interest in writing, since using this he is enjoying making animals and writing about them, it must be helping him so because of that, it makes me a Superfan already!”"

parent of a 8 year old

"“I think the concept and the execution is fabulous; never seen my child so engaged with creative writing”"

parent of a 9 year old

Teachers also love Night Zookeeper

"This is the best interactive writing tool I've come across in 24 years."
Laura Seiser, Northeast Hamilton School USA,

""Night Zookeeper captures the children's imaginations and can promote a positive reading and writing experience - in and out of school. We love it!""

Emma Cotton
Langham Village School, UK

""Night Zookeeper has been a game changer for my students' writing. They write more and have improved significantly as a result of using this engaging platform.""

Matt Peebles
Forest Elementary, USA
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