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Edinburgh Zoo and Night Zookeeper
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Awaken your child’s imagination with Night Zookeeper at home.

Welcome to Night Zookeeper, an online learning game and creative writing community that anyone can join. We have recently partnered with Edinburgh Zoo to produce interactive lessons that teach your children amazing animal facts!

Night Zookeeper Will


Night Zookeeper is a safe place for children to play and learn online. We work with schools across the world to encourage children to be creative, write stories and fall in love with learning.


If you would like to introduce Night Zookeeper to your child’s school please download our teacher information letter and email it on to them, thank you.

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Kids using Night Zookeeper
Child playing at home

"Night Zookeeper has encouraged my 9-year-old to be more creative and inspired her to write more than ever! She used to get really fed up with homework and writing tasks at school. Since the school introduced Night Zookeeper in January, she has been transformed!"

Hannah, Parent


This website is based on a magical series of books. Our lead character Will Rivers is a boy with an active imagination, whose creativity is under attack.

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Kids using Night Zookeeper

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