The International Writing Cup 2019 – Top 10 Winners!

Throughout the month of November our children were challenged to participate in The International Writing Cup Competition! Children were challenged to invent a new character for the Night Zoo and draw it in a scene. Next, they were asked to write a report about that character. After writing the report, they were asked to write a story. Finally, they were asked to write a poem including the character in it. It was a very big challenge and our young writers rose to the occasion! We’ve had over 1,500 submissions and found it very hard to choose 10 winners, as the submissions were so very good!

Congratulations to wildparrot20, ovalkoala12, stickywhippet86, pinkhyena29, richotter06, kindtiger51, nicefrog37, kindliger16, redrabbit87, and dustytoucan83. They will all be sent Night Zookeeper T-Shirts. 🙂

We have a certificate for all who participated. For teachers and parents – you can download that here to send to your students and children.

Here are the winning submissions for the International Writing Cup:

  1. Half-Breed Fury of Shadows by wildparrot20

2. Edward the Panda by ovalkoala12

3. The Jellyotos by stickywhippet86

4. Taylor the Turtle by pinkhyena29

5. Cookiecorn by richotter06

6. The Tree Shifter by kindtiger51

7. Teddy Blue by nicefrog37

8. Shella by kindliger16

9. Golden by redrabbit87

10. Fire-Bears by dustytoucan83

Thank you to all of the 1,500+ Night Zookeepers who participated! We’ll be sending out the T-shirts, shortly. If your student wasn’t a winner this time, don’t worry! We’ll certainly have more competitions to come in the future! Want your child to participate in the next competition? You can start their journey with Night Zookeeper here.

We have a certificate for all who participated. For teachers and parents – you can download that here to send to your students and children.

Show your support to these lovely submissions in the comments!

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