COVID-19 Support: Free Learning Activities

As a company, we have always tried to make the world a better and more magical place for kids. Right now their world is being turned upside down and a lot of them are nervous and anxious about global events.

We want to help parents and teachers to continue to provide them with an amazing education during this difficult time. 

Therefore our plan for the foreseeable future is to offer a free trial and half-price access to our online tutoring service and gamified remote learning platform Unlike other learning platforms, we employ tutors to write feedback on children’s work – which provides them with huge motivation. This small fee will mean that we can keep employing these tutors and deliver an incredible service to children stuck at home. To find the discount link for your country click here:

We will also be making those services and products that we can make free, completely free. Our PDF learning resources in the Night Zookeeper shop will now be freely available for the rest of the school year. 

I will also be on Facebook Live over the coming weeks, reading chapters from my first storybook: The Giraffes of Whispering Wood. During these sessions, I will be setting children fun writing challenges based on the story.

You can now also download my first book completely free. This is in eBook format and can be downloaded here:

Please feel free to share this will friends and family!

Let’s keep kids happy, creative and learning during this uncertain period.

Very best wishes,

Josh and the Night Zookeeper Team

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